Monday, July 7, 2014

Day 1 of Teachers Write! Camp: The View

Here's my first day of writing for Kate Messner's Teachers Write! virtual summer writing camp!

The View
The view from my spot on the porch may seem unremarkable at first. The world is still a bit hazy from the humid day in the 80s. The breeze picks up. The slightly cooler air focuses my attention. Across the mostly cement yard, my mom’s building seems rundown. Slight eastward tilt of the window sill, peeling paint, and rusty nails on the uneven floorboards of the porch don’t show the facelift the front-side of brick building just received, though the tell-tale red brick dust stains the path to my staircase. From this angle, you can’t see the roof work just completed, though the clean, green gutters silver-line this cloud of a building. Each renovation paid by thousands, scraped together quarters and dimes, by my two-job working mom. She can’t help but love the building, despite its flaws, betrayals, and seeming indifference. She’ll keep putting money and care into it, though it will never repay her love. This twenty-seven year old family member has been in our world as long as my brother. Unremarkable view, except if you know where to look: the blinds on the kitchen window shift ever so slightly as my mom peeks out to make sure we’re all ok. 

 Reflection: It was tough to sit down and write. I read the blog post and loved it, at 8am when I woke up this morning... but I didn't sit down to write until 7:30pmish! I haven't stopped writing or typing since, as evidenced by the couple blog posts. I know it, but it's hard to live it: Just write! Tomorrow will be better :-)

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