Monday, July 14, 2014

Permission for Writing Projects

Here's my writing in response to today's Teachers Write virtual camp! I replied to both blogs :-D

Mini-Lesson Monday 

Great prompt to start out the week. Check out guest author Donna Gephart's inspiration for the day: and check out her blog as well:

My Writing Projects: 

  1. Non-Fiction, Memoirish. A collection of short stories about my mom and dad. Their stories interspersed w/my experiences w/them. Juxtaposition time, countries, gender, age...
  2. Latina girl. Realistic fiction told in poems. Trio of main characters- Catholic Latina girl, gay Jewish Republic, and African-American communist vegetarian. Considering switching btwn the POVs-- which would require some help or at least intense research w/friends! Navigating identity in different worlds. Cultural clashes. Friendship.
  3. Latina girl. Sci-Fi. Space/Time Travel. Travel. Art. Starts w/trip to NYC, steal a painting in journal writing
  4. Dark humor, picture book/illustrated poem, about the ways a teacher might die in her classroom... (this sounds much more morbid than it is... stems from an ongoing joke with one class who kept witnessing classroom accidents!) describing the dangers that lurk in pencils, printers, and paper!
  5. More to come when I look over my past Writer's Notebooks... 
Dedication for #4---
To the Zapata Academy Class of 2014 Homeroom 210: Your willingness to take risks, laughter and sarcasm, pain and hope inspired me every day you shared your worldly words with me.

Monday Morning Warm Up: "But Underneath That..."

Prompt thanks to Jo Knowles, check it out:
All these explanations correspond to the writing projects above:

1.  This is a story about a girl who wants to go to school and do well, please her friends/teachers/family- which requires her to navigate the sometimes conflicting wishes of her mother, father, and friends. But underneath that, it's about a girl who really wants to understand where she comes from to figure out who she is.

2. This is a story about an introverted, slightly sheltered girl who feels out of place and wants to make friends. But underneath that, it's about a girl who really wants to be understood.(<--- this still needs a lot of work!)
3. This is a story about a boy/girl who wants to see the world and have beautiful things. But underneath that, it's about a boy/girl who really wants to be seen for who she is, a beautiful person. (<-- not sure how much this one make sense)

4.  This is a story about a teacher who is afraid of the dangers of her classroom: the accidents and mishaps possible in her classroom.  But underneath that, it's about a teacher who is really afraid of not being able to stop the pain her students share.
This is a story about a teacher who wants to stop the accident and mishaps in her classroom.
OR But underneath that, it's about a teacher who really wants to create a safe and inviting classroom for all her students.

SuperShort Reflection: Today was fun! But it took me all day, thinking and jotting. Jo Knowles uses a 25 minute revision goal. I may want to consider a time limit... it's what I recommend to students when they're having trouble...

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