Monday, July 7, 2014

Teachers Write & Read During the Summer

I'm trying to blog again! The goals I wrote about before are still close to my heart. Also buzzing around in my head this summer is the need to get a healthy body and mind.  For now, a healthy mind means reading, writing, and reflecting.

School years can sometimes take a toll on a teacher.... and to sustain the level of passion, connection, and commitment I find right for the work, I need some serious summer R&R. There's plenty for a teacher to do personally and professionally to get ready for the next school year. I'll be blogging here and tweeting some ideas, too.

This time, I'm taking advantage of a few things this summer to make sure I keep reading, writing, and reflecting :-)

One: a dear colleague of mine and I are trying to keep writing during the summer! We co-host a Teacher Writing Group at our school and do a little bit better with it each school year. This summer, we're trying something different by meeting a handful of times in coffeeshops to write together. I'll keep my fingers crossed some colleagues choose to join us.

Two: I found Kate Messner's Teachers Write! Writing Camp. An awesome find hosted by Messner on her blog, with guest authors and cool teachers everywhere working on their writing during their summer vacations! Check it out--->

Three: I'm part of a group of teachers that holds a book club every month.

Embedded in all of these activities I'm subscribing to this summer is the thought that teachers who teach reading need to be readers, writing teachers need to be writers... engaging in these activities helps us better teach our students these habits happily and successfully. More on this another time; this is quite long already!

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